Getting To Be At Peace With A Houston DUI Defense Attorney

Getting booked on a DUI charge can at the least be a discomforting thought and something that most people would not relish.  But there are some logical steps to take that would give the best chances to overcoming such a summons, if indeed it were to occur.  The Huston DUI defense attorney that a client goes to does make a big difference to the case as is the very approach to countering the charge at best.  Thus it is important to get hold of the right attorney as well as approach the situation as best as could be done. 

What the typical Houston DUI defense attorney would look for

It must be pointed out that there are provisions in most laws that enable the person accused of wrong doing to mount as best a defense as would be possible.  This is true in the case of DUI summons in the state of Texas as well. 

            Interview of officer: It is always the officer on beat that gets to be at the forefront of investigation and law enforcement.  The peculiarity of the DUI laws in the state of Texas allows the DUI defense lawyer to have a face to face interview with the officer pressing the charges.  It is a good chance to get to the very bottom of most cases and can in fact lay out the most detailed of instances that a DUI charge is being pressed.  This is something that is not available in many states of the country and must be used to good effect by people that are affected by a summons or their attorneys. 

            Exemptions: The laws in most cases would allow for some sort of exemptions to people that could at best fall on the borderline.  It is the better lawyers that would try and make out a suitable case that would take the most advantage from this situation.  This is where the experience of the attorney counts in presenting a case as best as could be done. 

The case of a free appraisal with the better law practices

As in any other professional service, an attorney does not come cheap.  This makes it necessary that a client is sure of the needs of a situation and whether a particular attorney firm is suited to representing him and his interests as best as could be done in each case.  With the Butler law firm, there is a provision to have a case appraised free of cost to the client.  It is a provision that should be put to best use by any client so as to get a good idea on the capability of the lawyer on a case and the realistic chances of winning in the situation. 

The practice of offering a free appraisal was introduced by the most well known law practices to help build trust and credibility of the firm.  The client is best advised to make most use of this facility and at no personal cost to him.  It could also give a fair idea as to whether a particular lawyer can quite sync with the case as well.